Natural Breast Augmentation

With the advent of science and technology whole new treatments and surgeries are coming up that are safe as well as benefitting for human being. Natural Breast Augmentation is one such treatment that has grown in demand over the period of time.Natural Breast Augmentation

The implant is less stressful, simple and effective compared to other traditional methods. The recovery time with this technique is far quicker than other implants. However there are different techniques used for natural breast augmentation purpose but not all are safe for the body. Natural breast augmentation is quite effective as there are no surgeries involved and the recovery time is also fast with the technique.

Benefits of Natural Breast Augmentation


There are lots of benefits associated with natural breast implantation. Here are few of those:

  • With natural implants there are no foreign objects injected to the body.
  • The recovery time with natural breast implants are very fast.
  • There are no incisions or cuts with natural breast augmentation.
  • In future there are no issues or complaints with implants
  • The breast augmentation is minimally invasive

Natural breast augmentation process

For any breast augmentation or breast enlargement without surgery the patient is prepared with an external expander which is known as the BRAVA. This is an expander that is used for 3 to 4 weeks and is part of natural breast augmentation. Using BRAVA is quite common but the use of this expander depends from individual to individual, as directed by the physician.

  • As a part of natural breast augmentation the individual is placed with a BRAVA or an expander over the breast area and it is normally used for thirty days before surgery. This is the fundamental step and helps in high radio fat survival.
  • Once the BRAVA is used for some time external expansion of breast occur which is due to consistent vacuum pressure created by the system. With time it expands and helps in generating new tissues as well as blood vessels. With this new expansion there are new possibilities with micro fat grafts.
  • The next step is the fat grafting or the use of breast enhancement cream. Fat is injected from different portions of the body with liposuction and is accordingly injected within the breasts. There are no cuts and incisions involved. The new blood vessels are formed around new deposits and helps in the process of fat integration. There are more chances or higher rates of fat survival with this procedure.
  • Once the fats are collected from other areas of the body, hundreds of individual droplets are injected into the breast site and helps in getting natural looking breast implants without any pain or cuts. The fat grows within the matrix and helps in enlarging the breast in a natural way, helping patients with liposuction. The best thing about natural breast augmentation is that skinny patient or individual too get effective results or help. The recovery time is merely 2 to 4 days which is far quicker than normal surgeries without the risk of any cut or pain that happens with traditional surgeries.

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